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When we set out on this van-life journey we planned to travel for a couple years at least. A lot has changed over the past year though, we have learned about ourselves and the country, grown in so many ways, seen amazing places and met wonderful and interesting people.

One major change which we have been working through since the early spring is that Rebecca has decided on getting a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and aims to enter a DPT program in 1.5 to 2 years. Prior to that though, she needs to take all the science pre-reqs and is registered for Bio, Chem, A&P, and Physics at Portland State to start in a few months. We had originally planned to live in the van around Portland but as we talked through it, we realized it just doesn't make sense given that Rebecca will be in classes all the time with loads of homework, Ben will be working full-time and trying to be the best house-husband he can be. The van will take up more time than we will have to give and will be an added stressor at this stage in our life. On top of that, we don’t foresee much opportunity to travel until after Rebecca’s DPT program in 5+years.

After much soul-searching, hard conversations, and more than a few tears, we have decided to sell the van. We are listing it for $75,000 all in, it has 35-40k miles and all sorts of cool features (600 watts of solar anyone?). We are in Salt Lake this week (7/8-7/13) and then traveling through Idaho (7/14-7/21) and then back to Oregon. If someone in these areas is interested we are happy to sell it on the road. If not, we'll bring it back to Portland and try to find a good home for it from there. Please reach out if you're interested, or pass this along if you know someone who might be.

We converted the van last summer and it has served us well throughout our travels since then. We put a lot of thought into it and designed it to maximize storage and electricity. There are all sorts of cabinets (all but one accessible from inside the van), a roof-top box for outdoor toys, 600 watts of solar with Lithium Ion Batteries, low VOC materials, 8ft of countertops, and a low mileage 2018 Mercedes Sprinter as the backbone.


  • Single owner purchased new

  • 170 WB 2018 Mercedes Sprinter

  • Five-way adjustable driver and passenger seats

  • 15-18 MPG

  • Factory installed rear backup camera

  • Comes with brand-new chains, electronic flares and compact fire-extinguishers


  • Lots of storage

    • 15 upper cabinets designed around storage containers for optimal storage

    • Lower cabinets of various shapes and sizes secured with easy to use latches

    • Half height closet with mirror

    • Large storage bins under bench seats

  • Low VOC construction with lots of insulation

    • Sheeps wool insulation is breathable, naturally controls moisture, and doesn't off-gas dangerous chemicals

    • Rigid foam is stable and adds added insulation

  • Convertable table to bed with low VOC materials (natural latex cushions with optional wool mattress topper), cushion size is approx queen size with double size topper

  • Dry toilet

  • Custom artwork on rear wall


  • Lots of counter space (8ft on driver's side)

  • Berkey water filter

  • 24 gallons fresh water storage in easy to fill containers

  • Large sink with low profile water pump and sprayer arm

  • Dometic Fridge with two configurable refrigerator/freezer zones

  • Coleman camp stove with two refillable 1lb propane tanks

  • 4 lb propane tanks for a month's supply of propane

Windows, ventilation and rooftop storage

  • Maxx-air fan mounted behind cab

  • Two rear windows (one on each side) with dual tilt-out vents

  • Large window on sliding door with one tilt-out vent

  • Great ventilation even in rainy weather!

  • Ladder to access rooftop storage

  • Yakima SkyBox 21 (largest SkyBox; fits two inflatable paddle boards, 4lb propane tank, and more)


  • 200 amp hours of Lithium Ion batteries with Victron solar charge controller and battery monitor

    • Low maintenance with long lifetime

    • 200 amp hours is full usable capacity

    • Mobile app available to show real time solar and battery data on any mobile device

  • 600 watts of solar

  • 3000 watt inverter with five AC outlets across three locations for computers and appliance power from inverter

  • 6 USB charging ports for efficient charging of phones and other devices

  • Battery isolator for charging while driving

  • Cell Booster to increase signal in rural areas

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the van or setting up a time to tour it!

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